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Sunday, May 3, 2009

wedding invitation :)

dear all my luvly candy :p..
i would lyke to invite all of u to be at my wedding ceremony :)
d more d merrier right? :)
hope to c ya'll there :)
btw..pls confirm ur attendance b4 end of dis month ya..its for planning purpose


♥Fariza♥ said...

sis na..
ini yg saya nantikan..
sis nk kahwin..

smoga bhgia hingga akhir hayat..

lovedeshawl said...

hye..klu fee dtg k..tp kene cnfrmkan by end of dis month tau ;)

Cik Eja Ishak said...


ingat eja lagi tak..hehehe..ur customer yang blaja kat sarwk tuh..hehehe

lama kan kita tak beli tudung na..bukan apa..kureng duit la..hehehe..

na, tahniah tau..awak dah nak kahwin..mesti tak sabar kan..hehe..

kalu ader kesempatan eja datang la..tapi i will let u know ya..

congratulations....do take care...

lovedeshawl said...

hye eja..yup2..ingat jer..paper inform na k klu nak dtg :)

cik yaya said...


sephia said...

naaaa....congratee..xsangka na da nk kawen yea..kt matrix dulu bf pon die xde..hehehe
insyaallah nik dtg...=p

Anonymous said...

kak na, congrats! ;)

Syai Sipot said...

tahniah kak na. da sampai seru da. haha xD semoga kekal ke akhir hayat ;)

Adam lah! said...

congrats! :)

link us!


Adam lah! said...

congrats! :)

link us!


*SiRibenMerah said...

selamat pengantin baru =)