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Friday, January 9, 2009

ThanksAll for the support!!

hye..remember i've told that sum of love de shawl's product dijual di KARNIAWAN'09?

okey..now let me tell u a lil bit of karniawan '09..

kariawan '09 is actually karnival keusahawanan siswa ipta peringkat nasional it was held in UUM..

sumer ipta dekat malaysia ni kene participate la..

so they're having sum kind of awarded to b given lyke..

1.anugerah rancngan perniagaan
2.anugerah projek keusahawanan terbaik
3.anugerah usahawan siswa terbaik
4.anugerah usahawan siswazah terbaik

leps tu ader competition mcm booth terbaik,pertandingan catur and so forth la.

then for each anugerah kan..each uni must select one student to be nominated for that anugerah..

so..i was selected by um to be nominated in anugerah usahawan siswazah terbaik punyer category.. :D hee

AND the gewd news is..they had announce that d anugerah usahawan siswazah terbaik dimenangi oleh NURUL FARHANA AB.AZid..its me!!! haha!! tetiber cam jakun..

but i was not in UUM yesterday..tak leh nak g saner sbb nak siapkan order for the art work tuh..agak banyak ..hee :D so wakil UM yg tolong amikkan dat award for me..

so,i'm taking dis opportunity to thank all of u for the support..if korang takder confirm takkan success smp dis stage rite?!!! thank u soooo much!! love u guys to d bitss!! muahxx!!

btw..nnt biler deorang dah blk from uum..i'll post d photo of d award dat i've received kehh..jus wanna share it with ol my lurve ere :D



saleisha said...

congrats na!keep it up =)

Aida said...

wah..congrats ya na? ;)

sephia said...

pergh...xsgka kwn ku yg dpt award tuh..pesal mase kite ade kt uum dorg xnk wat plak..adoyai...btw congrates na...=p

lovedeshawl said...

saleisha..thank u..will improve more :)

lovedeshawl said...

thank u aida

lovedeshawl said...

nik.hee :)

na pun x sangke gak..haha!!

btw thank u :)

riri said...

congrattssss na!!!!

~tHe tRU cOloRs oF 'atiQahadnAn'~ said...

tahniah na..!!
strive fer excellence..
gOod lUck k..:D

lovedeshawl said...

thanx riri!!mwah!!

lovedeshawl said...

kakatiqah..alhamdulillah!!thank u..its ur support too!! :)
thank u!!

ainifairuS said...

wah congrates na :))
the award must hv been boosting u up!! :))

btw, it's good to know that one o my fren is working on her passion and now getting the outcome which dem can be proud of! :))

(pretty sure that we arent rili befriend back in um hehe :P but indeed we are getting connection bween yan and my cuz hehe :))


lovedeshawl said...

peos!!thanx!! mmg sgt hppy terplih..plus maser perasmian event tu..menteri yg rasmikan tu..dato' noh ader sebut pasal aku nyer shawl key..sbb b4 dea rasmi dea melawat sumer booth2 tu dulu..hee :))
haha!! tah paper tah..tu pun nak citer kan? well im a bit jakun biler part2 mcm nih..huhu!!

maziah said...

wah....congratulation!!! keep it up...anyway, mmg patut menang pun coz your stuffs are cool..!! hahaha.

lovedeshawl said...

hee :) thanx maziah :)

red1 said...

Salam Cik Farhana,
I just found this site, thanks to your dad who is here with me visiting at Lorong Beringin. If you need fashion models, i got few of them right here.

Wasalam and all the best.