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Sunday, January 4, 2009

art is part of our life :)

for those who wanna add some touch to ur shawl by adding up some diamonds (swarovski crystal) we will do for u.. the price will start from rm15 onwards.. depends on d quantity of d diamond :) email me to discuss more about dis :)

alhamdulillah..dapat jgk come out wit a few design :) hope u'll lurve it :D

okey..from now on..u can order any design.. we wont limit it anymore.. :) how great is dat rite hun?

so wut u need to do is..

  • for example u chose arti design & u want it to be on lovey dovey black so..wen u write to me it shud be like dis: arti(lovey dovey black)

  • last but not least inform us by filling up d form or email to us directly :)

anotha thing dat we want to let u know is..u can also request for any design dat u lyke..hem..hem..interesting huh?? u just tell us any theme any color dat u want :D its lyke..we really wanna make something to match ur personality.. :) or lets say..u r from any organization or group..& u want everyone 2 wear d same shawl u can olso make ur order :) or as a present.. & u want us to put the name of the person or even ur name..we will satisfy u insyallah..anything will do darling..

pic:cute fleur (lovey dovey cornflower) RM33**

pic:lovely garden (lovey dovey sea green) RM33**

pic: trois roses(lovey dovey pale green) rm38**

pic: arti (lovey dovey golden rod) RM40**

for arti design we've put a few drops of swarovski crystal on top of d design ..just to enhance it :)

pic:wootsie (lovey dovey golden rod) RM40**
bag sold!

pic:wootsie(lovey dovey rosy brown) rm40**

pic:zebra looks(lovey dovey white)RM 33**

pic:hot swirly (lovey dovey white)RM33**

bag sold!

pic:classique (lovey dovey cream)RM 33**
bag sold!

pic:i loike funky (lovey dovey black)RM33**

pic:i wanna fly (vogue voo grass green) RM37**

pic:swirly design rainbow(vogue voo)rm37**


Anonymous said...

your zebra looks shawl sangat2 smarttttt!!saya sukaaa..hihihi

farhana said...

ini guna paint jenis pe? kalau basuh nanti tanggal x?

lovedeshawl said...

fabric paint:) insyallah..taktanggal :D

Anonymous said...

wootsie (lovey dovey black) RM40,
hot swirly (lovey dovey white)RM33,
i loike funky (lovey dovey black)RM33

blh wat lg x?

emphbone said...

hai.. kirim salam model tu haha

Nadia Mustafa said...

i nak purchase lovey dovey black boleh tak ?

lovedeshawl said...

lovey dovey black dah kehabisan stock la miss nadia :(

Dhada said...

Salam . Lovey dovey white ada lg tak ?
Kalau ada, sila bgtau dekat chatbox sy ok :)

Anonymous said...

zebra looks(lovey dovey white)...ader lg stok tak?email me if ader lastgurlezy@yahoo.com

alia sabarudin said...

funky (lovey dovey black)RM33 ade x??
if ade email me at aliasabarudin@rocketmail.com